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EV Basics

If you are new to electric vehicles (EVs) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), these pages are a good place to start!

Let’s get some definitions out of the way first:

  • EV – sometimes also known as a BEV (battery EV); these cars are powered solely by a battery – the only way to recharge them is to use a suitable EVSE.
  • PHEV – there are sub-types of PHEV, but generally speaking, the genre can be defined as cars that can travel solely on electric power for anywhere from 10 – 80 km.  They include a gasoline engine as well, which will kick-in when the vehicle needs extra power, more range, or it is pretty cold outside.
  • EVSE – electric vehicle supply equipment.  Not much more helpful even when spelled out, is it!  The EVSE is more commonly referred to as a ‘charger’, but that terminology is not correct – the charger is actually included in the car, the EVSE is just the ‘stuff’ that transfers electricity to your car.

    EVSE for a Nissan Leaf

    EVSE for a Nissan Leaf

Now head over to the Charging, Available EVs in Canada, Benefits of EVs or Resources page to learn more.

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