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I created this blog as a way to chronicle my family’s experience with our first electric vehicle. We are now onto our second EV, and are on a wait-list for a 3rd. The first one has moved on to a family member and still leading a productive life 🙂

We live in the West Kootenays of British Columbia, hence the blog title.

My wife and I have two young boys (9 and 7), both of which ‘know’ the difference between an electric car and a “stink car” 😉 a teen and tween now! One is building his first electric bike, while the other still enjoys riding on the back of the cargo bike (though his feet are almost dragging on the pavement). Both are now well-versed in EVs and know more than most adults, and I’m hopeful that they will never need to own a gas car in their life.

I am an environmental engineer by day, and so I have a (perhaps unhealthy!) love of spreadsheets.  This blog is just getting started, but I have been collecting data for months now, so I plan to share insights from analyzing that data in the months to come.  Lots to read now after a few years, so dig in!

We are also an active family, so expect to see posts on practical uses for the car aside from commuting.

If you want to get in touch, please feel free to use the form below.

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