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Cost Info Posts

I decided to collate all of the posts related to cost information onto one Page to save you from having to rummage through other posts or the ‘category’ menu.  So without further ado, here are all of the posts on the blog so far related to cost information for our Nissan Leaf EV:

Lucky 27,777km and February 2015 Cumulative Cost Update

Cost update Feb to April 2015

50,000 km and cost update

Cost update 63,500 km, Dec 2015

Cost update 77,777 km and 2 years

Cost update 96,000 km and 2.5 years

Cost update; 3 years and 117,000 km

Cost update; 3.5 years and 135,888 km

Cost update; 4 years and 153,000 km

Cost update; 4.5 years and 172,000 km

Also, see the generic cost/payback matrices below to get a sense of whether an EV makes economic sense for you!

Cost matrix of gas SUV vs BEV

Cost matrix of gas truck vs BEV car/small SUV

Cost matrix of gas car vs BEV