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Electric Bikes

Rather than having my articles on electric bikes buried in the blog posts, I decided to put together a page summarizing the articles I’ve written over the past years. The collection is below:

“Say Hello to Our Electric Edgy!” – my first passion is actually biking, whether on trails or commuting by bike.  Since living in Nelson, I had found myself wanting a better way to get around town in the 9 months of riding season, so we sold some bikes and bought a cargo bike this spring.  Then we electrified it!

“Beach bumming on an e-cargo bike” – for our very local trips (e.g. farmer’s market, downtown, beaches < 10 km) we prefer to take our electrified Xtracycle Edgerunner cargo bike.  This is a trip report to a local beach near Nelson; we use only 2 cents of electricity to complete the 16 km trip with 300 m of climbing.

“e-drive system upgrade” – (page coming soon) – in the summer of 2022 I upgraded the motor and controller on the bike. The original mid-drive system wore out components on the drivetrain pretty quickly, and I went through quite a few idler pulleys in the ~5,000 km I put on the bike in the last several years. The new more powerful hub motor system had a minor electrical gremlin at the start, but since that has been solved it has been a STELLAR performer and a vast improvement.