Model 3 Roof Rack Consumption Test

Last week we received and installed the new Tesla Model 3 Roof Rack on our car – go check out the install if you are curious.  One of the comments I have been receiving and seeing online in the forums is “how does the roof rack affect your efficiency?”  I decided to do a controlled test to find out!

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We bought a….

Ok I promise I’m actually going to tell you which electric vehicle (EV) we bought in this post! (Unlike the last teaser post haha!)

As a reminder, or for those who haven’t been following the blog regularly, we’ve now owned a Nissan Leaf for 4.5 years and an electric cargo bike (Xtracycle Edgerunner) for 3 years, and just recently took the last step to becoming an “EV-only” family by replacing a 2011 Subaru Forester.  In this post I’ll share what we bought, and some of the reasons for our choice.  Drum roll please….

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