Utility companies and EV infrastructure

I follow a few electric vehicle (EV) news websites fairly frequently and came across an interesting story today from California.  The US in general is quite far ahead of Canada in infrastructure, but despite the largest EV market in California, they have not had the best infrastructure to-date. Continue reading Utility companies and EV infrastructure

Starting an “EV Basics” series of Pages

I have added the first Page in a series of “EV Basics” to my webpage/blog.  You can head on over to “Charging” under the menu item, “EV Basics” to learn more about, well, the basics of charging an EV!  I will be adding more ‘static’ content in the weeks to come so that we all have a common basis for understanding the wonderful world of electric vehicles.

Skiing and a Christmas Tree

For a video update on winter driving, go to the bottom… (original post follows)

Ski season started recently in the Kootenays!    I love skiing so this is one of my favourite times of the year.  There are a few ski hills close to Nelson, so in the fall I plugged the data into my spreadsheet model to see which trips were viable:

EV energy usage model by trip
EV energy usage model by trip

Continue reading Skiing and a Christmas Tree

Driving up to winter at Kokanee Glacier Park

The weather has been cold and clear in Nelson for the last week now.  From our home, we get a tantalizing view of the mountain peaks covered in snow, and we woke up this morning wanting to get a better view.  We had not been all the way up to Kokanee Glacier Park before, so we looked it up on the provincial parks website.

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge – ok maybe the peaks are just barely peaking up above the ridge!

“Hmm, 20 km out to Kokanee Creek park, then 16 km of dirt road up the Kokanee Creek valley from Kootenay Lake, and the parking lot is at 1,570 m!”  It was -3 C at our house, so it would only get colder going up.  Driving slow up a bumpy dirt road with the heat on, and gaining just over 1,000m was going to do a number on the battery. Continue reading Driving up to winter at Kokanee Glacier Park

Another invite to present on EVs!

I received a phone call out of the blue last week about giving a 10 minute presentation on electric cars.  I was so surprised that I honestly missed the rest of the thread of the conversation – the caller promised to send me details of the event in an email.  I said I would have a look and get back to her shortly.

I am a bit of an introvert and sometimes struggle with interacting with groups of strangers, so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to accept. Continue reading Another invite to present on EVs!