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DCFC Charging Profile in Penticton

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6 thoughts on “DCFC Charging Profile in Penticton”

  1. Great plot! But I guess the charger in your area is different than where I am. Ours show voltage and current at the charger or kWh so we don’t have to extrapolate power from %.

    An interesting anomaly is why % goes down in some places. Shouldn’t it always go up?

    1. The charger here did show cumulative energy and time, but I spent most of the charging time sitting in the car. You’ll see when I post the video I am working on that I was only outside of the car near the beginning of the charge. I did watch the screen through my windshield, and after a short time it went into a sleep mode where I couldn’t see any stats – unsure if I had remained at the charger and pressed the screen intermittently if that would have kept the info shown. The Eaton units we have in most places in BC show the voltage and amps (if I remember correctly), so the next time I am at one of those stations, I could try to video the charging screen there.

      As for the step-like nature to the graph – I only filmed the first cluster of green crosses (and hence was able to get exact timestamps for those %’s). From ~ 30% to the end of the charge, I had to change my camera to interval-shot mode, and had it set to take a photo every 20 seconds. So for this part of the charge, all I could tell directly was what percentage I was at in a given interval – I wasn’t able to discern within each 20 second window that the % changed from one to another. So it never goes down, but there are instances where the % remains the same for a few time intervals (this is only an apparent effect though). The reason I did it this way is that I have a several year old DSLR that can only do video in relatively short timeframes – I am going to investigate whether I can turn down the quality or something to get me 30 minutes of continuous video so I can get better data.

  2. Can you use your laptop’s web cam or just get a cheapo webcam duct taped to tripod with an old laptop? For things like this, I don’t think DSLR or even more than 640×480 resolution is needed.

    1. It is the only thing I have! I sold off my digicam years ago and I don’t have a laptop. I fiddled with it a bit tonight, and it seems the longest video I can make is 25 minutes. That will have to do I guess! In any event, it will be a while before I am at a DCFC again – closest one over 300 km away. Cheers.

    1. I just ordered an OBDII adapter actually once I found out you can get LeafSpy for iOS now (last time I checked it was only for Android and I didn’t want to buy a different phone just to run it). I’m looking forward to the extra geeking I will be able to do!

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