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“The World We Want” forum

I attended “The World We Want” forum in Brilliant (near Castlegar) today (I wrote about the event earlier this week).  The dominant topic was how individuals and communities can strive to live in a more sustainable fashion.

My talk on electric cars and other vehicles went well.  I do want to point out though that probably the best way to lower your environmental impact due to transportation is to eliminate driving a car altogether, or at least drastically minimizing it!  Live closer to work or school, ride your bike, or walk and take the bus.  It is an order of magnitude better and improves your health at the same time.

If however, your situation requires a car, and you would like to explore the idea of an EV or PHEV further, please send me a note and I can try to help you determine which choices may be right for you.

Click here to see the presentation slides (one version with links, one version with slide notes) that I gave at the forum.

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