Green Energy and Home Show 2017

The 5th annual Green Home and Energy show was held tonight in Nelson, BC, and I was happy to be there for the 4th year running to share my knowledge of EVs with our local residents.  This year was the biggest yet, with 3 Leafs, 2 Bolts, and a Tesla Model S on display.  Thanks to my fellow EV enthusiasts for coming out to talk to people and show them your cars 🙂

My presentation this year (download it here) had a short bit on general info about EVs, but I changed the focus this year to the 2nd generation of EVs that are starting to hit the road, along with what various regional and inter-BC trips would be enabled with the expanding DC Fast Charging network (see

As always, if you have any questions I am happy to answer them – get in touch with me through the “Contact” page.


Like father like son?

Updated April 5, at the bottom…

Well I’ve gone and done it apparently.  I’ve brainwashed converted my young children to see infernal combustion vehicles as the dinosaurs that they are and electric vehicles (EVs) as the future!

I had been suspecting this for some time, but it became quite evident a few days ago…

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2015 Green Energy & Home Show

I participated in the Nelson EcoSave Green Energy & Home Show again this year as an Electric Vehicle (EV) ambassador.  I also gave a short 5 minute talk and 3 minute Q&A afterwards.  Many people were there to look at the EVs; Murray took a number of people for a ride in his LEAF, and Dave in a Tesla Model S also came down from Rossland.  I also brought our electrified Edgerunner cargo bike.  Lots of interested people with many many question!

This post contains the presentation I gave, along with a number of “infographics” that I prepared and left on a display table for the public to view while at the Home Show.  Click on any of the files/images below to download or to view as a larger image.

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Another invite to present on EVs!

I received a phone call out of the blue last week about giving a 10 minute presentation on electric cars.  I was so surprised that I honestly missed the rest of the thread of the conversation – the caller promised to send me details of the event in an email.  I said I would have a look and get back to her shortly.

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Follow-up on the Green Home and Energy Show

As mentioned in my last post, I was invited to attend the 2nd annual Nelson Green Home and Energy Show on October 15th.  I had a great time at the show and really enjoyed answering the different questions that people had and showing them the Leaf in person.

Some typical questions, in no particular order:

  • how much did your car cost?
  • how far can you drive on one charge?
  • how do you charge the car?
  • how did you get it to Nelson?

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Join us for the ride…

Welcome to the first post on the Kootenay EV Family website.  Head over to the ‘About‘ page to learn more about me and my family.

A life-change in the spring of 2014 meant that our family had to become a two-car family to support my 70 km commute (more on this in a future post). Continue reading Join us for the ride…