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Welcome to the first post on the Kootenay EV Family website.  Head over to the ‘About‘ page to learn more about me and my family.

A life-change in the spring of 2014 meant that our family had to become a two-car family to support my 70 km commute (more on this in a future post).  After months of “spreadsheeting”, we decided to take the plunge into electric vehicle (EV) ownership.

I spent a lot of time researching EVs and have had a number of insights during the first several months of ownership.  I decided to start this blog to share my experiences and those of my family – my hope is that it serves as a resource of sorts for those curious about EVs and considering purchasing one.

EVs are still very much a novelty in BC, especially in the interior areas where infrastructure is quite limited; however, they have become quite popular in other places, such as Norway.  I fully expect to see many more EVs in BC in the coming decade.

I plan to cover a wide-range of topics in the coming months to years.  A small sampling of topics:

  • the decision process on whether to buy an EV in the first place
  • living with an EV (what is range anxiety?  is it a hassle to plug the car in every night?  EV driving pleasures)
  • maintenance for an EV (very little!)
  • charging an EV (what the heck is Level 1, Level 2, Quick Charge, CHAdeMO?; where should charging stations be placed?; workplace charging)
  • energy efficiency, GHG, where does (or should) the electricity come from?
  • what is better than an EV?  your bicycle!
  • destination trips (including how I drove our Leaf from Vancouver to Nelson)
  • outdoor recreation

So, if you like what you see so far, consider subscribing to the blog to receive further updates as they are posted.

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