An intro to electric vehicles and the Nissan Leaf during my work commute (video)

Some time ago, I came across a YouTube Channel from an electric vehicle (EV) owner in Norway where he filmed his drives around scenic Norway, talking about various EV topics, though primarily related to the Tesla Model S (Bjorn Nyland).  I enjoyed a number of his videos, and many others seem to as well, so I thought I would try my own!

A few weeks ago I filmed pretty much my entire drive to work, with the camera on a tripod in the back seat and facing out the front windshield.  For a good portion of the drive, I kept up a running commentary on a number of different topics, some specific to my Nissan Leaf, other topics to EVs in more general terms.  For other parts, I sped up the video to cut down the length, but still show off our beautiful area of the Kootenays in the fall.

Topic timestamps are below if you want to skip around:

4:35 – The Leaf energy screen, regenerative braking

5:27 – Climate control

6:25 – Other systems

7:23 – Putting the accessory power level into context

8:47 – Preheating, leading into winter use

12:23 – HVAC in the winter

14:04 – Other Leaf Info Screens

15:48 – Highway acceleration

16:52 – Torque delivery with direct drive transmission

17:09 – Drive quality (noise, vibration)

19:44 – Going up hills (no downshifting! no racket!)

20:21 – Eco Mode in the Leaf

21:40 – Eco Mode and HVAC consumption

22:21 – Why did I buy an EV in the first place?

28:40 – Why not fuel cells instead of EVs?

29:38 – Other reasons to buy an EV (reduce air pollution!)

32:27 – Energy use climbing and descending (including the math); energy regeneration compared to a typical hybrid (like a Prius)

kootenay andrew
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Andrew is an environmental engineer by day, "kid activity/school volunteer" by evening, and EV advocate / blogger in his remaining spare time. He is very passionate about the future of energy generation & usage. He prefers bikes to cars, but acknowledges that Canadian cities have been developed primarily with cars in mind, so if we're going to drive, let's make them all EVs! (But let's get EV buses and take those where possible first.)

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